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There are also many solutions to obesity such as dieting, medication, exercise, and even surgery.

There are also many solutions to obesity such as dieting, medication, exercise, and even surgery.

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It important to take note of the causes of obesity and recognize them so that being obese will not be the next common disease.

Having a healthy diet, going outdoors and staying active, changing the portion size and mindless eating habits, and starting a new healthy lifestyle can not only prevent you from being obese but also reduce your risk to other sickness and disease as well as creating a healthier body for a better life.

The slighter frames of ectomorphs reflect a low capacity of fat storage. Mesomorphs have an ability to store fat that falls somewhere in between . It is not doubtful whether a person's body shape and fat distribution is sufficient enough to cause obesity.

Here is a diagram with some ideas – click for a larger image. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Did you know that over one-half of all Americans ; approximately 97 million; are overweight or obese Obesity is a condition of excess body fat.

Obesity can affect any person from young children to older adults.There is no single approach that can help prevent or treat overweight and obesity.However, over the years, people have gathered more information about this disease and come up with multiple reason why people are obese.Large portions of food are energy that is consumed into the body; however, not enough energy is burned out.When everyone around us is eating the same portion, the same unhealthy food, and doing similar activities, it is hard to just listen to your body and think how much it really needs.A healthy diet is not just about having more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, it’s also about maintaining a balanced diet, moderation, and portion control.By consuming more fatty and sugary foods but more burning them off, creates a buildup of fats in the body.This leads to overeating, inactive lifestyle, and also mindless eating.When parents are obese, the children are more likely to be obese in the future.This is the way the fat builds up around the body, and the degree of being overweight can both be inherited.Body shape, for example, generally falls into one of three categories-exomorphs, endomorphs, or mesomorphs . Most people are a combination of two are all three.


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