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Don't memorise SEQ essays, maybe just take note of the kind of analyses they use.For Lit unseen (or Lit essays in general), definitely PLAN your essay first with three (four if you can manage) points and make sure you have good solid reasons as to why they are important features of the poem/prose/how they answer the given question.

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You don't even have to write it out, just recognize that it exists and feel the effects of the device, because experience is the best way to ease yourself into Lit. Basically what everyone else said is really great advice and if you take it you're on the way to scoring yourself an A.

You'll get the hang of it eventually and start seeing them all over the place. For history, I'd say you have to aim for content mastery.

For Literature, one of the books I'm studying is Lord of The Flies.

I've been failing my exams, with the unseen poetry/prose section bringing down my grades due to the time constraints of the exam. I found that the best method for me was to know the content well -- just reading the headings of each point in the textbooks and knowing key facts worked.

Those small post cards or a foolscap will do the trick. Welcome to /r/singapore the reddit home of the country Singapore.

You should have notes for the subjects but those are only for you to know some points to take note of and make your own notes with it and the textbook itself. The Republic of Singapore, is a Southeast Asian city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometres (85 mi) north of the equator.The text: if its too boring, buy the spark notes from kino. Writing essay: Use the T(opic) E(elaborate) A(analysis) Q(uote) format: Example: X and Y had a tumultuous relationship. This could be a result of their both having troubled childhoods, as evidenced by how X "had an abusive father" and Y "had an abusive cat". Doing question analysis helps you understand the topic better as well.Next, listen in class for any new perspectives the teacher or your fellow classmates can give, write them down.Write with flair, use strong connectors but most importantly have a persuasive argument. In your conclusion, It's the difference between saying the U. started the Cold War, saying the Soviet Union started the Cold War, and saying that with all the points / salient arguments above taken into consideration, although the U. Don't fall into the trap of just memorizing facts and model essays and writing them in. I believe SS is more linear and more constructed in this sense, but there's a much wider body of study going on for history itself.Since its combined, you don't have to worry about studying Southeast Asian history so that's a big plus for you. Lit (unseen) is all about reading into the text and finding the real issue.The more neurotic and drama you make it sound, the better. meanwhile my bf (history buff) actually wrote something outside the textbook for a school test, but still real, and still failed because it wasn't in the textbook and the teacher hadn't heard of it.Every tiny thing can be magnified to support the point UR trying to make. There's a marking guide for this, and you better stick to it. Given the double effort required for this L1R5, suggest you just aim to pass..Lastly, write down your own personalized essays for easy referencing. if the question is what caused WW2, you should have a sense of the key points you'll want to make when answering the question.If you have time, do timed paragraph/essay writing and do timed question analysis for SBQs. Look at TYS/past papers and outline essays for practice, so that when you see a question during the exam you would already be able to pull out the arguments you want to make.The scope of content is not that much compared to uni or A levels so you should be able to read everything no problem.You will have to put in the legwork before worrying about how well you can answer questions. Having a logical anchor, logical flow, and a main point you're trying to bring across works wonders when writing your essays, and answering your SBQs.


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