Nuclear Energy Research Paper Thesis

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Soon after, three notable academics published a New York Times editorial titled "Nuclear Power Can Save The World."Their thesis, put simply, is that renewables are expensive and cannot yet be relied upon to deliver energy 24/7.

The trio says that, in Germany, despite large investment in renewables, the country's carbon emissions have yet to fall.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Mauna Loa Observatory reports that levels have now reached 409.9 parts per million.

Thanks to our ceaseless desire for more power, that number isn't going to shrink any time soon.

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The majority of nuclear reactors operating today are light-water reactors (LWRs) and are like enormous kettles.

It may have been nuclear scientist Leslie Dewan who first said nuclear power "is just a fancy way of boiling water," but it's the best explanation of how LWRs work.

And while other options, like hydroelectricity and geothermal, have their place, they are closely tied to favorable local geographies.

If we are to save the world then we need to convert everything we use to electricity, rather than other fuel sources, and start building a fleet of nuclear reactors. "Our world is made of atoms," explained Katie Mummah, a nuclear engineer at the University of Wisconsin, which are some of "the smallest building blocks of matter." Elements at the bottom of the periodic table are chock-full of atoms and neutrons, which makes them both heavy and unstable.


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