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Both are sizing up your fit for the Notre Dame community.

By using carefully-selected details, you’ll show admissions not only that you care about the school, but also what kind of student you’d be when you get there.

Your answer can refer to academics: majors, classes, professors, or the community: clubs, events, student body, or anything that makes you want to be a Notre Dame student: campus culture, sports, your dad’s stories of his glory days.

Maybe you’re the leader of a school club and you want to highlight that experience by describing your personal sense of responsibility to the other group members.

You might also say that you are responsible for your family’s well-being as you work after school to contribute to rent or help take care of your live-in grandparents.

As with any other why essay, your goal here isn’t simply to regurgitate facts from the admissions highlights page.

Take your research to the next level and dig for the kinds of classes and opportunities that spark your interest.

Or, simply tell a story that you want to include on your application and then draw a connection with one of the pillars.

Whatever you do, make sure to project what it will continue to mean to you in the next four years.

Their supplement starts out nice and easy, with a garden variety why essay, before ramping up to some pretty probing questions about your morals, values, and very sense of self.

The key to nailing this application is pacing yourself — and reading through all of the questions ahead of time so you know which ones are worth the effort! You have 175 words to explain to Admissions Officers at University of Notre Dame why you are taking the time to apply and fill out these supplements!


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