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By the time I left I was really glad I’d chosen a location that I don’t visit normally.While I am grateful for this eye-opening experience, I don’t plan on ever doing anything like that again.My social norm violation was actually something I did on accident.

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If it is not a sold out movie theater where there is plenty of available seating you NEVER sit next to a stranger.

There is a social norm to sit at least one seat away from the stranger next to you. My husband and I went to a movie and were excited to see it not full and a good seat was available next to some teenagers in the middle.

My favorite kinds of stares are the ones you get from two people mid-conversation who stop what they’re saying just to look at you, but try to do it in a very discreet manner. It made me realize that we can be caught off guard by someone who doesn’t look a certain way SO easily. Not going to lie, it was pretty entertaining to see the reactions, though.

Something as small as hair and make-up caused a scene! I’m so glad I accidentally stepped into this situation.

It was kind of fun to violate a social norm, but I can imagine that it wouldnt be as fun if I was the one receiving the experiment.

Social Norm Violation by Tatiana Herman I go to the gym about two to five times a week and have been doing so for the last two years.

Typically I would introduce myself and offer to shake their hands, or just say hi and stick my hand out.

I would try my best not to let them go until our conversation was done.

I decided to violate this norm by wearing my sunday clothes to the gym. After a few minutes of that, I walked over to the machines and used the ones that I could manage while remaining modestly covered by my skirt.

I finally left fifteen minutes later as I couldn’t take the embarrassment any longer (and I was worried about injuring myself due to restricted range of motion).


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