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Looking, staring, winking and blinking can also be important nonverbal behaviours indicated when communicating.An increased rate of blinking can be interpreted to mean interest or anxiety.

Looking, staring, winking and blinking can also be important nonverbal behaviours indicated when communicating.An increased rate of blinking can be interpreted to mean interest or anxiety.

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However, on the same point facial expression is also another important factor because if you look at the smiley faces, then you immediately know the kind of emotion or feeling is being insinuated.

The eyes, grin, frown, eyebrows; we all know relate to an internal human face.

Communication is a process composed of three elements.

These elements are considered essential for communication to occur and with the absence of one, communication is said not to have occurred.

The elements include; the source, symbols and the receiver which make communication complete.

Furthermore, other than having the basic elements, communication involves three main components and these include; verbal messages, non-verbal messages and paraverbal messages.It is a skill that is acquired through practice and learning.Such skills as speaking, listening and writing are developed in various ways.In simple terms, verbal messages are the words we choose to say or write when conveying a message, paraverbal messages involves how we put the words across to the recipient such as the tone and volume of our voices and non- verbal messages involves the use of our body language when communicating or passing on the message (Hybels, & Weaver, 2007).Hybels, & Weaver, (2007) defined noverbal communication as a kind of communication which does not involve words but it includes the use of facial expressions, gestures, vocal sounds and tone of voice.In short, I can say that every method of communication that I was using appeared different and that put me into troubles always with other students.Generally, I can say that words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception.In addition, it gives more meaning when it accompanies words for instance a raised tone can indicate anger, happiness or emphasis.A pause when spaking can be interpreted as giving the listener time to take in the information, hesitation or the speaker arranging their thoughts. In other cases personal space is regarded as a form of nonverbal communication and it varies from culture to culture.Staring can indicate a range of emotions including hostility, interest and attraction.Communicating through touch is another form of nonverbal behaviour and it is referred to as haptics.


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