Nonprofit Business Plan Outline

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Here you will go into further detail about what positions you need to fill and how you plan to go about doing that.

This guide will help you to create a business plan that fulfills all those roles.

The best business plans aren’t unnecessarily long, but do include as much information as necessary. If your plan has these seven sections and all the details mentioned here, you should be well on your way to meeting your nonprofit goals.

This is the most important part of your business plan.

Here you must summarize, on one page, every critical aspect of your nonprofit.

This section should be able to answer the following questions: This is where you introduce the key players in your organization. You can go on to talk about their role in your nonprofit, too.

Then, if you have space, you can discuss any gaps you may have and your plans to fill them.

As a nonprofit, you more than likely won’t be producing a product.

(If you do, the complexities regarding your tax status and whether it is or is not eligible should be discussed with a qualified accountant or attorney.) As such, you should focus on what services you offer and how you plan to offer them.

Now you can add any of the additional sections below.

Though not necessary, they may be useful to attempt if you’re still trying to nail down all aspects of your organization.


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