Noise Pollution Assignment

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But we need proper and efficient implementation of plans and programmes and policies launched by the Government.

How can citizens of Delhi help in reducing pollution?

The human ear is extremely sensitive, and it never rests.

So even when you sleep your ears are working, picking up and transmitting sounds that are filtered and interpreted by different parts of the brain. So, although you may not be aware of it, background noises of traffic, aircraft or music coming from a neighbour are still being processed, and your body is reacting to them in different ways via the nerves that travel to all parts of the body and the hormones released by the brain.

The brainwaves of volunteers were found to spike in jagged, wake-like patterns of neural activity when each clip was played.

This particular study was focusing on noises heard in a hospital environment—including talking, phones ringing, doors closing, machinery, toilets flushing, and city traffic, among others—but many of the sounds tested are ones we would also hear in an urban environment.The most obvious is interrupted sleep, with its flow-on effects of tiredness, impaired memory and creativity, impaired judgement and weakened psychomotor skills.Research has shown that people living near airports or busy roads have a higher incidence of headaches, take more sleeping pills and sedatives, are more prone to minor accidents, and are more likely to seek psychiatric treatment. Even if you don’t wake up, it appears that continual noise sets off the body’s acute stress response, which raises blood pressure and heart rate, potentially mobilising a state of hyperarousal.We really don’t want our future generations to live in an unhealthy environment in Delhi.We really don’t want our children or our elders to get into incessant coughing due to pollution.Pollution is one of the major issues causing concern not only in India but across the world.The technological advancement and speedy development since India’s Independence has come at a great environmental cost.Pollution in Delhi is a perpetual problem which need to be looked upon as a serious issue not only by the Government but also by the citizens of the city.It is the duty of every citizen to think in a broader perspective to control pollution.Sound is an important and valuable part of everyday life.But when sound becomes noise, it can negatively affect our mental and physical health.


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