No Existence Without Coexistence Essay

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Over the years, this work has seen editions in various languages: ten in Portuguese, one in German, eleven in Spanish, three in French, one in Hungarian, four in English, two in Italian, and one in Polish, for a total of 160,000 copies.

It has also been published in its entirety in more than thirty newspapers and magazines in eleven different countries.

The Central Question Posed by This Essay As is well known, it is possible to have a Communist regime in which the Church is allowed to continue functioning, but with only a minimum amount of freedom. This raises a question: Can a Catholic in the West legitimately view the possibility of a Communist regime in his nation as morally acceptable? On the one hand, for political reasons a Communist regime may certainly grant the Church some marginal freedom for a considerable length of time as in Poland.

On the other hand, in the not-too-distant future, Western nations may be faced with a choice between two evils: nuclear warfare or Communist domination.

This scene, situated in the nation which is the very seat of the Church, brings the Church and communism into a tragic proximity.

Who can fail to grasp the direction and import of such a scene?

c) Last but not least, Russian military power grows more and more even as the United States loses influence around the world and allows the Russians to catch up with its military might.

If anyone had dared predict such calamities when this study was first published, very few people would have believed him.

And the more “flexible” part of the Communist world will perhaps have taken a small step toward the regime of private property.

Such scenario provides us with a glimpse of the day when, having thus “converged” together, these nations would take another step down the same road toward the extreme left.


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