Nietzsche Genealogy Of Morals Essay 2 Summary

It strives to see more, but beyond what it has already seen it sees nothing but darkness. See, Lord, the ears of my heart are in front of you. Let me die, lest I should die indeed; only let me see your face” (Augustine, “There are things …

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After resigning from Basel, Nietzsche traveled a great deal for about ten years (until 1889) before suffering his severe breakdown—reportedly, on the streets of Turin, he ran to stop a man from whipping a horse, threw his arms about the horse’s neck and collapsed—he was transferred to various psychiatric clinics before his sister returned from (the eugenic racist colony in Paraguay started by her and her husband, he committed suicide) took control of him and his estate and writings, moving him to Weimar for the last several years of his life.

It is as if I had suddenly fallen into a deep whirlpool; I am so tossed about that I can neither touch bottom with my foot, nor swim up to the top” (Descartes, Meditations, II, 23-4).exploring the difficulty and despair of looking at ourselves, our actions, our motives.

The difference between Reaction and Reflection is similar to this distinction between the aesthetic and dialectical, but, for , neither is good or bad—i.e., the aesthetic attempt to grasp the Abraham and Isaac story couldn’t raise it to the level of understanding, even though it could point to the extreme anxious conflict therein; the dialectical attempt to understand it failed, as well, for that which we sought to understand violates logic.

–do note how reaction, here, may seem spontaneous or impulsive, and thus rather good in this model, but that this is not the case; for Nietzsche, reaction is a calculating response, even it if seems immediate (like distinction between the natural and phenomenological attitudes.

In the natural attitude, we just go about life; we do not question how value is granted, meaning is formed, or whether the floor will be solid beneath our feet when we step out of bed … the isolation of the “I” …“We have no right to isolated thoughts, whether truthful or erroneous.


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