Nickel And Dimed Analysis Essay

She also gave herself some limits on what she was willing to endure. Second, she would never allow herself to be homeless.And finally, she would never allow herself to go hungry.

Here, the first job she gets is a waitressing position where she works from in the afternoon until at night for $2.43 an hour, plus tips.

After working there for two weeks, she realizes that she will have to get a second job to get by.

After one day of working at the hotel, she is tired and sleep deprived and has an awful night at her waitressing job.

She then decides she has had enough, walks out on both jobs, and leaves Key West. She chose Maine because of the large number of white, English speaking people in the low-wage force and notes that there is an abundance of work available.

She promised herself that if any of these limits approached, she would dig out her ATM card and cheat.

The first city Ehrenreich moves to is Key West, Florida.With the realization that most individuals cannot support themselves with two jobs at above minimum wage, this reality has significant consequences for women and men who have children.Overall, Ehrenreich’s analysis is almost painful to read because it is a larger reflection of the society that we have chosen to create.After reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s , the most pertinent response that arises is one of outrage.Through her skills as a journalist, Ehrenreich places herself in the position of society’s humblest workers: those that have been forced into work from welfare.The reality that she reveals is both heart wrenching and infuriating.Unfortunately after realizing that Americans have perpetuated a system in which survival cannot be attained on working eight hours a day, the primary emotion that remains is outrage.She has three rules and parameters for her experiment.First, in her search for jobs, she cannot fall back on any skills derived from her education or usual work.She is starting to learn the hidden costs of being poor.With no health insurance to see a doctor when health issues first arise, those who are uninsured can end up with significant and costly health problems.


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