Nicholas Kristof Essay 2011

Nicholas Kristof Essay 2011-8
We do that through seatbelts and airbags, through speed limits and highway barriers, through driver’s licenses and insurance requirements, through crackdowns on drunken driving and texting while driving.I once calculated that since 1921, we had reduced the auto fatality rate per 100 million miles driven by 95 percent.

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When the “solution to many of the global problems that confront us” is to reduce the number of people on the planet, the assumption is that population is the major cause of global problems.

The column’s pattern is simple: Kristof posits a primitive caricature of a gun-rights argument, delivers a thoroughly inadequate response designed to settle the issue, and then repeats the cycle.

In other words, he erects one straw man after another and fails to best any of them.

Yes, people are expensive, but our potential is so much greater.

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