New Media Research Paper

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Regional…The digital era has led to increasing challenges for western and traditional news media business models.

Media outlets are facing steady declines in revenue, while the migration of advertising online has…

Incorporating concepts such as social media, smartphone apps, virtual reality and interactive story telling, the influencing of digital media has significantly impacted the practice of public relations.

Digital media allows people and organizations to form groups, deliver information, and create immersive experiences designed to influence values, opinions, beliefs and behaviors in dynamic ways.

Or have we just replaced one model that privileges those with power for another?

Dr Andrea Carson speaks with Professor…As an example of mass participatory journalism, where the voices of ordinary citizens are heard as much as public officials or PR professionals, the UK’s hyperlocal news network is second to none.

The Digital Media Research Center is far more than a database. It’s a space for conversation among professionals and academics who share interests in and a passion for research about digital media.

We want you to express your thoughts, insights and experiences about the research and the topic.

Communicating effectively on social media sites can increase stakeholder satisfaction, increase trust and enhance an organization’s reputation.

Digital media continues to change the expectations for interaction with key audiences.


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