New England Colonies Research Paper

The New England region settlers were escaping England’s unification of religion and government.King James I of England forced all of his people to attend the Church of England, a Protestant Church, to reconcile the Puritan clergy.During the mid 1600’s approximately 20,000 colonists settled in the New England region.

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Religion was so vital to these early colonists that it greatly affected social development, schooling, and even various basic rights we take for granted today.

In Colonial America, one must have been a member of the church in order to have the right to vote.

Compare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society (to 1740) in TWO of the following regions: New England Chesapeake Middle Atlantic The Impact of Religion on the Development of Colonial America During the seventeenth century, colonial America was welcoming many newcomers, several from England.

Quantities of these newcomers were seeking land for economic purposes as others were longing for religious toleration.

This affected the social structure and the political means of society.

During the beginning of Colonial America, politics and religion were still inseparable.Many of the English colonists settled in the New England region for religious freedoms, to escape the English king, and leave adversaries of other religions behind.Settlers who resided in the Middle Atlantic region were affected differently.The Great Awakening undermined the Old Clergy and increased both the number and competiveness of churches.Thousands of books were published and sold to bring the churches profit and therefore allowed more money to aid in the churches construction. People of the same religion often worked better together which resulted in a stronger and closer community.Pennsylvania and New Netherlands (later New York) were two of the most diverse colonies during the colonization of America.Leader of Pennsylvania, William Penn, who also led the Quakers, allowed religious freedom in the colony’s constitution.Led by Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformation produced Puritanism.Unhappy Englishmen, known as separatist who broke away from the Church of England, came to America for religious freedom, meaning they could practice what religion they believed in, uncontrolled by the government.Schools were developed for children to learn to read the bible and to teach young men leadership.In the New England region, dominance was shown with an impressive number of graduates, greatly excelling the southern colonies.


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