New Computer Technology Research

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Computer science is science that changes, perhaps, the faster of all.

Every month something happens – the machines become more powerful, the new languages of programming are invented and the new possibilities are opened before computer scientists.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and enhancing the physical modelling of the real world are always a “little black dress” of computer science, they are always popular and there is a lot of data connected to them – but there are dozens of people writing about them and it will be really challenging to compete with them and write something completely new.

You may abandon the easy way and find something that is not so popular, but is very useful for some practical reasons: for example, making the complicated calculations faster, or perfectly modelling some tricky bacteria that biologists desperately need.

The other side of this progress is that the information that was up to date yesterday can be history today.

So choosing the topic for your research paper on Computer Science becomes a tricky matter.SAN FRANCISCO — Women will not reach parity with men in writing published computer science research in this century if current trends hold, according to a study released on Friday.The enduring gender gap is most likely a reflection of the low number of women now in computer science, said researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a research lab in Seattle that produced the study.Components with higher strength to weight ratios, transistors that operate at higher frequency, lower cost of display screens in mobile devices, storing hydrogen for fuel cell powered cars, sensors to diagnose diseases, more efficient batteries Magnetorheological damper heavy motor damping, operator seat/cab damping in construction vehicles, seismic dampers positioned in building absorbing detrimental shock waves and oscillations within the structure making them earthquake-proof, enhance body armour fluid bullet resistant, Humvees, and various other all-terrain vehicles employ dynamic MR shock absorbers/dampers.Magnetorheological finishing was used in the construction of the Hubble Space Telescope's corrective lens, shock absorbers of a vehicle's suspension are filled with magnetorheological fluid.While the study focused on research published in academic journals, the trends may apply to the technology industry as well as academia.Companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft that are working on A. are publishing much of their most important research in the same journals as academics.The Allen Institute study analyzed more than 2.87 million computer science papers published between 19, using first names as a proxy for the gender of each author.The method is not perfect — and it does not consider transgender authors — but it gives a statistical indication of where the field is headed.For your convenience, we have made a writing services review: As every other area of human life, computer science has its fashion.Just look through the magazines, the exhibitions announcements and other related events to see what is trendy now.


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