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You can view detailed activity information for a student/assignment. We are of course working as hard as we can on even more improvements suggested by you, so there is more to come. In other news: We fixed a bug that was displaying mature vocabulary to some of those who had it disabled.

Our audience of parents and teachers spoke, and we delivered; is proud to unveil... This new site feature allows users to choose from our hundreds of engaging learning games and exercises to create assignments for students.

See below for details and simple instructions on how to use this exciting new feature: As your child completes each assignment, you'll be able to track their performance in the Assignments tab of our Progress Tracker.

We are also testing a fix to the offline “cheating” issue, and will keep you posted! :] Hiding mature content • Multiple teachers now available!

• Easier invites, leave warnings • [UPDATE]New Duolingo for Schools Feature: Assignments for your students I would like to pre upload all my assignments until the end of the year.

Select your course from the dropdown menu (6) and then click Go to view the list of Rubrics associated with your course.

Alternately, you can add a new Rubric by selecting Create new Rubric (7).

We'd love to know how we're doing and what can be improved.

To see the details of an assignment, click on the assignment from the Assignments page.

Checking off "Yes" underneath the question "After step is completed, should changes be allowed?

" will allow students to submit to an assignment multiple times, eliminating the need for you to go in and unlock a student's submission if they submit the wrong artifact or accidentally submit to the wrong assignment.


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