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John and Kate arrive in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen. They are met by another spook, a guy we've met before, the hero of The General's Daughter and Up Country, Paul Brenner, now with the Diplomatic Security Service.

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HOW TO TELL: The book is frequently thick, and its dust jacket (or cover, as many thrillers are paperback originals) will certainly feature an American flag, a swastika, a hammer and sickle, or Arabic lettering and someone wearing a burnoose.

An illustration of an explosion and a weapon, as well as a photograph or an artist’s rendering of the aforementioned woman in very tight garments running toward or away from someone or something, frequently while holding the hand of that very handsome and muscular guy.

More likely, you are a fan (else why would you be on a site titled Crime Reads?

) but not totally devoted to the genre and basically just looking for some recommendations of what to read but unsure about the various categories by which books may be defined.

I'd like to see a woman take a stronger role in John's life – perhaps a female villain!

Maybe another place on the planet that has the same authenticity of upstate New York, Long Island, Ohio.

As a geek who has been professionally involved with crime fiction for nearly a half-century, maybe I can help.

I tend to embrace a wide range of fiction into the mystery genre, defining it as any work of fiction in which a crime or the threat of a crime is central to the theme or plot.

) I felt, that as exciting and nail-biting as this book is, the prize still goes to the author for his finale that has no equal – in Night Fall!

Unlike me, not every reader has been a die-hard fan of mystery fiction for decades.


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