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“This wild, but noble and unhappy race, is rapidly becoming extinct,” a New York newspaper editorialized in 1837: They are rapidly sinking into the stream of oblivion, and soon nothing of them will remain but the memory of their past existence and glory.Where are now the descendants of Powhattan, the father of Pocahontas, or Tamenend and of Pontiac? They are blotted from the face of the earth, or swallowed up in the remnants of other tribes.Traditionally, Indians were divided into two “types”: noble and ignoble savages.

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Nature Transformed Advisors and Staff American Indians: The Image of the Indian Brian W.

Even here, the predominant passions of the savage breast, of treachery and cruelty, are often found, yet by the noblest traits of honor and magnanimity,—a race of men who live and enjoy life and its luxuries, and practice its virtues, very far beyond the usual estimations of the world …

From the first settlements of our Atlantic coast to the present day, the bane of this has regularly crowded upon them, from the northern to the southern extremities of our country, and, like the fire in a mountain, which destroys every thing where it passes, it has blasted and sunk them, and all but their names, into oblivion, wherever it has traveled.

It is a given today that the of the American Indian has been historically significant.

It shaped the attitudes of those in the nineteenth century who shaped Indian policy.


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