Narrative Essays About Divorce

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Walking home with arms full of checked out books, I would pass by my parents consumed in another argument most likely about marital problems and sit in the corner of my room - door shut - to indulge my self in my own private get away.

I did not check out my space books to read but instead to dream, dream about a world waiting to be explored. Absorbed in their daily routines and petty problems.

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A world free of the petty arguments of my parents, the teachers with high expectations and the chores that awaited me at home My family was dysfunctional due to the fact that my parents would argue about their responsibilities. Like governments, people choose to spend more money on war issues - fix someone else’s problem - rather than staying home and feeding the poor - to fix own problems.

This was especially relevant during dinner when I would sit at the table - told minutes before that dinner will be ready soon, but then would wait hours for any food to finally arrive, my parents busy doing work, would forget to cook and instead order dinner from a nearby restaurant. Thus like a kettle boiling water, screaming for help, only some major event will finally bring people to their senses.Their problems only worsened once my sister was born. Which is why as a society we should be taught to be more aware of what truly happens around us rather than reacting in the last minute.Today, I still continue taking care of my family like I had promised to be.Divorce is a serious problem that is spreading like a fire in different societies of the world.Sometimes domestic violence leads to this state between a couple and other times there are personal conflicts and lack of understanding backed the cause of divorce among a couple. My brother, sister, and I were chasing after each other throughout the house.As we were running, our parents told us to come and sit down in the living room. So, we all went down stairs wondering what was going on.This is how the real solution for this problem can be found by us.But the things seems so well in the theoretical ground when we think about the problem on real basis the picture is different.It is very hard to find such solutions in the practical world where both children and parents can live a life of their choice without hurting the emotions of each other.So we can say that we have to walk a long way to gain the success in ideal divorce in this country which can take many decades as well.


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