Narrative Essay Life Experience

I wanted to use this freedom to experience some of the things that I had been curious about but could not engage in because I did not feel free enough.

What I did not know is that the whole experience of joining college and getting orientated to college life would totally change my life.

Remember it is “my life experience essay,” which requires really fascinating facts and your personal knowledge, probably, during high school time or any other time that catches your breath even now when you think about it.

Before getting to know how to write a narrative essay about life experience it is essential to understand what kind of paper this is, and how to follow its structure while writing.

Do not tell anyone you do not have any suitable situation to share in your narrative essay about life changing experience.

For instance, you may share a really funny case from your school or college years which you still recollect and feel how it has changed you.

Overall, however, the process taught me an important lesson in the importance of moving away and establishing my own life separate from my parents.

The other issue about joining my first year that is part of the whole life-changing event is the part where I had to make new friends; especially now that I was in a college here, I did not know anyone.

You can start your paper using a question, a good quote closely connected to your life story, shocking fact or statement including surprising statistics.

All variants are possible here, you only need to bear in mind that keeping the attention of audience together with various feelings is exactly what you are required to do.


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