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The couple decides that it is much easier to let their families take control over the wedding plans because it is less stress on them and makes their families happy.

What he sees when he finally meets the son he helps bring into this world for the first time is unique to who he is...

In the novel, The Namesake, Jhumpa Lahiri uses symbolism to explore the quest for identity, specifically through the protagonist: Gogol Ganguli.

, Lahiri presents the relationship between men and women as heavily shaped by their environment, heritage and socio-economic background.

The relationship between the Ratliffs, Maxine’s parents, Gerald and Lydia, is directly...

" "my parents want me to have another name in school," "and how about you, Gogol? At the end, through family, Gogol has come back to his roots.

Gogol was not given an Indian name from his Indian family or an American name as he was born in America, to emphasize an individual try to assimilate into a different culture, but in the end, he is still bonded to his roots as the person he ethnically is.

He takes care of his family, abandons the life he could have had, and marries a Bengali woman.

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri Jhumpa Lahiri in The Namesake illustrates the assimilation of Gogol as a second generation American immigrant, where Gogol faces the assimilation of becoming an American.

In the conversation between Gogol, his kindergarten teacher, and Gogol's father, Gogol is confused and refuses his name as Nikhil. During his childhood, Gogol's parents want him to assimilate into the society faster, through requesting his name in school to be Nikhil. ...o assimilate into the society by entering school with a more acceptable name, but Gogol refuses.

"She bends down so that her face is level with his, and extends a hand to his shoulder: "Can you tell me how old you are, Nikhil? By changing his name to Nikhil, people can easily refer him as "Nik" or "Nick", a name easier for him... The acceptance of the society has pressured him to change his name in college, and to hide Gogol from the society.


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