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I've gathered some strategies for becoming attuned to my inner self which are: cultivating alone time, assuming distance from the mission, meditating and thinking deeply, visualizing and relaxing, exercising regularly, and engaging in creative activities.Walking the Talk To walk the talk I need to act in a manner that is consistent with my words.

It is precisely at times like these, times of great change, upheaval, and questionable integrity, that organizations need leaders and not just managers.

Having acknowledged the importance of leadership, I realize that leaders begin as individuals who work and deal with others in society.

Good leaders must truly believe in what they are doing.

When leaders believe in their goals, then others will recognize this and quickly provide their support.

This will ensure that I earn the respect of the staff.

Validate the employees' concerns: When employees take the time to raise an issue, I need to listen to their concerns and validate them.

At times like these, guidance is needed to return people to their roots.

People need inspiration from individuals who are willing to risk defeat, while still pursuing their ideals and principles. In such a volatile marketplace, strong leaders are more vital than ever before.

Leaders bolster integrity: The final reason why leaders are so vital today is the ongoing concern society has over integrity.

There is general disillusionment with many leaders.


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