My Camping Trip Essay

My Camping Trip Essay-28
Camping can be lots of fun, but being prepared is extremely important.

First you determine how long you plan to be camping and how many people you will need to provide for.Our leader gave us some general instructions before For the first time in my life I helped to pitch the we set up our tents. I breathed in the fresh Of country air and marveled at how beautiful nature was. It was a wonderful experience as I listened to the sounds Of the wildlife around me.I feel camping is a great way to relax, spend time with family and friends, enjoy nature, and experience new adventures.In these American times we value hard work, we are always pushing ourselves to work harder, and get ahead in life.Even then it is always wise to take back up food supplies.You may even want to take some food that does not need to be prepared. There may be streams and lakes were you are going to camp, but the water may not be safe to drink or you may go on a hike and are unable to get back to your water supply. Some people take oil lanterns, but it is usually safer to take battery powered lanterns.I wasn’t helping matters by laughing so hard, I thought was hilarious. We switched over to kayaks, this time I was on my own as far as rowing.This too was a new challenge, kayaks are a lighter.That evening I had dinner with members of my group beside the fireplace.The rice tasted half-cooked and the vegetables too soggy.


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