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Music Critique Essay-88
They dance together gracefully but the girl lied down on the bed sooner than I expected.While hugging his wife, the guy murmurs in her ear that he loves her and gives her a scarf.The previous dancers who disappeared previously began to come out from the back side of the stage.

This group doing the live show was presented as a group meaning that there was not a single person, which pretty much was the main act.

For example, rock bands usually have the singer shown to be the “front man” but here the whole ensemble was presented together.

Orchestral symphony music filled with uplifting, harmonious sounds accompanied the six girls to represent their harmony with reality and ideals.

One of the girls opens the casket in the middle, and slowly the dancers who wore mufflers put their mufflers into the casket one by one to represent when dreams turn into reality.

At the same time, music with a sweet melody begins and brings the second part of the performance into play.

The dancers strut in a whirl-like motion to symbolize how angels fly freely in the sky, amongst the bright lights.

After the music ended, the only dancer in gray and pink is left at the middle of stage.

Finally, she closes the casket and lies down in it as if nothing happened.

Suddenly they come through and dance without music while the lights are still dark.

The choreography was made up of jumping and leaping all over the stage, prancing from one foot to another, and rolling on the ground to symbolize the ambiguity and secrecy that goes on in the night.


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