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They are listed by course code with separate listings for undergraduate and graduate courses. Here are the course-specific research guides that I have created to assist students with research tasks associated with class assignments.They are listed by course code with separate listings for undergraduate and graduate courses.

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As a guide, most MSc dissertations are between 30 and 50 A4 pages, double spaced, with normal font size and margins.

Longer dissertations are not necessarily better, and the marks obtained depend much more on the quality of the content (especially the mathematics) than on the number of words.

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Finding theses & dissertations, research methods, writing up your research findings, conducting & writing literature reviews, finding publishing opportunities, journal impact factors & rankings, statistical software packages.This page may help to find staff members with interesting topics.The appropriate length for a dissertation will vary with the topic, the formatting, and whether or not it includes figures, etc.The level of sophistication of the mathematics used in the dissertation may be lower than that expected in a straight Mathematics MSc provided that the dissertation demonstrates a compensating degree of understanding of the role or appropriate use of the mathematics described.The mathematics in the dissertation should be correct, appropriate for the interdisciplinary topic under discussion, and should say something of scientific value.It is essential that the dissertation is well presented.The dissertation should normally be produced in TEX or La TEX.Sometimes dissertations contain original research, and this is encouraged where appropriate.The general framework of a dissertation must be approved by the supervisor.There will never be any delays or confusion of any kind as we will always provide you with open communication.It’s very easy to avail our MSc dissertation writing help and it’s 100% confidential, so there’s absolutely no risk involved.


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