Movie Theaters With Assigned Seating

See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Everyone who has armchair-theorized why movie theaters don’t sell assigned seats in advance is now obligated to explain why this has changed and how that’s consistent with their model. My theory was based on the value of advertising to movie-goers who must arrive early to get preferred seats and then are a captive audience.Someone literally played bejeweled the entire movie at First Man last Tuesday.

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Over the past couple of years, several movie theaters have made the switch to permanent reserved seating.

As a result, several have also changed their seating entirely from standard stadium seating to "luxury" seating.

I bought AMC A-list so I don’t have to deal with that as much anymore.

Problem is that a lot of people are non confrontational so if they see someone in their seats rather than say anything they'll go get a manager then it becomes a whole thing.

Lol why would you even pay to see a movie and do that?

I loved Tuesday’s at the AMC, but it really brings out the worst crowds.

Do you not mind/care that you're putting someone in the uncomfortable/awkward position of having to ask you to move? my frustrated tone aside, I'm genuinely interested to hear what you have to say, so no judgement to anyone who takes the time to respond.

Or are you hoping they won't have the gumption to do so? In fact, I'll award Reddit gold to at least one person who owns up to this and explains what motivates them.

Those 20 people no longer have the opportunity to go catch a big blockbuster when they had the chance.

Those 20 people are money lost for production studios and, assuming they buy concessions, a lost source of revenue for theaters.


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