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Yet in daily prayers, when reading the Quran, or even in simple conversations with each other, Arabic readily rolls off any Muslim's tongue.

They reported him to Irvine police and to the FBI, and obtained a restraining order against him.

The operation did not produce any charges of terrorism.

Monteilh eventually broke from the FBI and cooperated with the ACLU.

The 9th Circuit said the district court should determine whether the FBI’s electronic surveillance was “lawfully authorized and conducted” and whether it violated Muslims’ constitutional rights.

In order to fully understand the magnificent words of their Lord, Muslims make every attempt to learn and understand the rich and poetic Arabic language in its classic form.

Since understanding Arabic is so important, most Muslims try to learn at least the basics.

A federal judge dismissed the bulk of the lawsuit in 2012 after the government argued it could not defend itself without disclosing state secrets.

In a 103-page decision, the 9th Circuit said the district court should not have dismissed claims without more careful review and consideration of ways to continue the case without jeopardizing national security.

Regardless of their linguistic, cultural, and racial differences, Muslims form one community of believers.

This community is based on their shared faith in One Almighty God and the guidance He has sent down to mankind.


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