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Once you get your branch assignment (usually along with a unit assignment), you can start planning to attend the Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC) for your branch.That’s the active-duty school that trains new officers in the subject matter of their assigned job. At the core of the process is the order of merit list, known simply as the “OML.” It is an attempt by the Army to quantify the quality and potential of future officers by combining several different metrics into a single formula that results in a ranking.

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For additional policies, refer to our exam policies page. S., contact the Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) before purchasing a voucher to ensure you are aware of their policies.

If the CATC instructs you to obtain your own voucher, you may purchase a voucher by following these instructions: Note: Exam vouchers should be assigned to a test candidate to avoid potential fraudulent redemption.

Because the National Guard is the combat reserve of the United States Army, combat arms branches that are not available to Army Reserve officers (since the Army Reserve focuses on combat support and combat service support) are an option for some officers in the National Guard.

However, because the National Guard is organized inside of geographic boundaries at the state level, it is quite possible that a branch available in one state is not an option in another state.

But the Army is not hesitant about throwing personal preference to the wind and assigning officers to branch openings that it must fill.

The OML measures what you as an officer candidate can influence about the branching outcome, but the needs of the Army and the openings available for new officers are always the most import part of the process.My kids were quiet for some of the only moments of their life as they witnessed the ceremony.Unlike enlisted recruits who sign a contract guaranteeing them a specific military occupational specialty (MOS) if they pass Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT is job-specific), officer candidates apply and get accepted to Officer Candidate School without any guarantee of getting a specific MOS, even if they do pass OCS.Assigning a voucher can also save time by not having to enter the code during the exam launch process. The exam must be taken at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC).Contact your desired CATC to schedule your exam and to ensure they are set up to administer it.This means that officer candidates don’t just have to compete “against” each other but also against the ROTC cadets that are receiving a commission that year.Factors that feed into the OML include academic grades (from your college transcript), APFT scores, leadership evaluations, OCS academic performance (on the written and practical exams taken), and peer evaluation scores.Additionally, unlike the enlisted side of the Army where there are numerous military occupational specialties within a specific branch, officers become branch qualified meaning they get enough training to get an overview of the branch, but they don’t necessarily have a detailed understanding of every MOS within that branch.The difference between the multiplicity of enlisted MOSs and the comparatively few officer branches makes sense in light of the fact that officers are leaders and managers while enlisted Soldiers start off as domain-specific subject matter experts who build technical expertise, know-how and leadership skills as they progressive up to and through the non-commissioned officer ranks. And let my dad rest his body at Arlington National Cemetery.I cant thank the system enough for my experience today.


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