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Therefore for a worker to execute and work towards carry throughing ends for the administration, he must be motivated.

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“The one best way to increase work motivation for an organization is through financial rewards”. This essay will discuss if money and financial rewards are truly the one best way to increase work motivation for an organization.

This essay will point out both the pros and cons of making financial rewards the best work motivator in an organization.

Now, the general public might not realize the disadvantages of only prioritizing financial rewards as a company’s main motivation for employees. Now picture this, where do corrupt corporate officials or the corruption in Wall Street come from?

The answer is simple, from people who are looking to further improve their lives financially.

About working is for money and power, the impetus of ordinary workers is inseparable from the topic.

Intermediate managers, especially Chinese, insist that money is the most powerful force. Money - poor credit card, is it always a powerful motivator of performance?

So it is impossible for someone to work hard without money.

But after second thought, I realized that there are some other motivators of work, such as self-interest, social status, or some other reasons.

In other words, motive can easy be defined as those forces that incite or promote a individual to execute better or give his or her best.

Motivation energises workers towards the assigned undertaking in an administration.


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