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It was used in ruling and also in the civil service system the ancient Chinese had (The Government of Ancient China, Ancient

Fishers transported their catches to small towns and then cities, bringing fish to markets and temples.

For the first time, some communities became virtually full-time fishers, bartering or selling fish in town and village markets in exchange for other necessities. In time, too, fish became rations of standard size, issued to noble and commoner alike.

The ruler and the state required hundreds, even thousands, of skilled and unskilled laborers.

Their work might be a form of taxation, but the king had to support them in kind, often with fish.

Sustainable agriculture drove human civilization from a hunter-gatherer society to the settled and centralized society we know today.

The advent of modern agriculture techniques enabled early man to settle in one area and develop their own food and raw material needed for survival and sustainment.

Socially, in Chinese society, the people were set up into a hierarchy (Shabaka et al., pg. The men had more power than women and that of as more important (Shabaka et al., pg. In society, the women’s job was to stay at home and take care of the children and household needs (Shabaka et al., pg.

The Significance of Agriculture in Early Human Civilization Over the course of human evolution, there has been no greater single development with as profound and far reaching effects as that of the development of agriculture.

Constant movement and migration Early Human Society: Hunter Gatherers Early humans were hunter-gatherers.

Among these foraging communities, there was little in the way of stability and centralized authority.


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