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(I’ve never seen the urgency in having the newest edition of a writing text anyway.) There is little difference between these two editions, so I’ll not be drawing distinctions between them. The first three (The Writing Process, The Elements of the Essay, and The Language of the Essay) focus on just what an essay is and how it is put together.

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Still more sits on my shelf, waiting for the right student to come along.

The longer I teach gifted students to write, the easier it is to make guesses about what will work and what will flop, but as children are as different from each other as are snowflakes from one another, I’ve tossed very little aside for good.

Whether discussed or assigned as written work, using at least some of these question sets will bring your writer further along in composition and reading skills.

After the questions come classroom activities which, I suppose, would be helpful for one teaching in a classroom.

These questions demand a set of skills I’ve not found elsewhere: careful reading followed by deep thought not just about what the writer wrote but about the devices the writer used in the essay.

These are hard questions for many young students, quite gifted ones included.

(Alfred Rosa and Paul Eschholz) has served as assigned reading in college and high school composition classrooms for years.

I teach out of the 9th and 10th editions, which are recent enough to be easy to find and old enough to make used copies easy to afford.

Even organic writers (not the sort grown without pesticides but the kind who were born with stories to tell and a keyboard attached to their fingers) struggle when it’s time to talk about elements of writing within another’s writing.

Initially, I used the book without those questions, assigning the readings as examples.


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