Mobile Spa Business Plan

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Understand why the client wasn’t happy and what you could have done differently to change their experience.Go through the learning process even though it’s uncomfortable.

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They are the ones doing the word-of-mouth advertising for you by inviting their friends and family to the Med Spa party.

Giving them a discount of 20% can encourage the host to do more parties and bring in more friends.

Friends and family want to help you build your business, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Ask them to create a party where you can practice your technique and provide their friends with the best Mobile spa experience possible.

The Mobile Med Spa allows women to receive information and treatment with the support of friends in a familiar space.

At the heart of this business plan is the presentations she gives.

That friendship network will support each other through the presentation and treatment.

When it’s time for their next treatment cycle, there’s a stronger chance they’ll come back together. It can be hard to stay motivated when you are trying to build up your client base.

She curates these presentations for the experience of her client. Lunderville asks them what they are most interested in learning about when it comes to skincare, aesthetics, and wellness.

The presentations might include information about anti-aging treatments for young professionals, skin care for particular climates, or even how injectables can help women who are trying to lose weight. It’s about providing a customized experience to the individual woman.


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