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Kamara, USA (Land Warfare Paper 119, July 2018)Walks in the Midst of Trouble: Allied Patrols in War Zone C, October 1966by John M.Carland (Land Warfare Paper 118, February 2018)The Importance of Land Warfare: This Kind of War Reduxby David E.Haraburda (Land Warfare Paper 113, August 2017)Making Sense of Russian Hybrid Warfare: A Brief Assessment of the Russo–Ukrainian Warby Amos C. Rossow (Land Warfare Paper 112, March 2017) Characteristics of Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Leader Developmentby Steven Estes, Joel M. Majure (Land Warfare Paper 111, November 2016)Is India's Military Modernization Evidence of an Aggressive National Security Policy? Parlier (Land Warfare Paper 105, January 2015) Professional Soldier Athlete: The Cornerstone of Strategic Landpower's Human Dimensionby Deydre S.

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Keep up with the changing times of academic military research and get help from the experts. Media In Wartime - A Media In Wartime research paper looks at how the impact that the media has during these critical times, and also the perception they convey in their stories.

Afghanistan - Topic suggestions on the United States military presence in Afghanistan. Militarism - A research papers on militarism discuss the primary element of militarism, which is the belief that a country needs to maintain a strong military in order to secure and advance its own interests.

Navy SEALs - Navy SEALs research papers examine the formation of this military group, and role it played in helping the United States.

Sexual Assault in the Military - Research papers on sexual assault in the military look into the statistics of sexual assault and rapes done in the US military.

Women in the Military - This research paper on women in the military look into the history of how women became more involved in the military, from serving as undercover troops to serving as military nurses, in the 20th century.

Women in United States Marines - Women in Marines research papers deal with the role of women in armed forces over the years.Boyd (Land Warfare Paper 115, November 2017)Reconnecting Athens and Sparta: A Review of OPMS XXI at 20 Yearsby COL Susan Bryant and COL Heidi A. Army Capabilities for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction at Risk? Westen (Land Warfare Paper 108, September 2015)Integrating Landpower in the Indo–Asia–Pacific Through 2020: Analysis of a Theater Army Campaign Designby Benjamin A.Urben (Land Warfare Paper 114, October 2017)Conventional Munitions Industrial Baseby Scott S. Bennett (Land Warfare Paper 107, May 2015)American Landpower and the Two-war Constructby Richard D. (Land Warfare Paper 106, May 2015)Operations Research and the United States Army: A 75th Anniversary Perspectiveby Greg H.Wortzel (Land Warfare Paper 126, July 2019)"Cyborgs at Little Stalingrad": A Brief History of the Battles of the Donetsk Airport, to 21 January 2015by MAJ Amos C. Dorondo, Ph D (Land Warfare Paper 124, March 2019)In Pursuit of a General Theory of Proxy Warfareby MAJ Amos C.Fox, USA (Land Warfare Paper 123, February 2019)A Case Study of Politics and U. Army Doctrine: 1954 Field Manual 100-5: Operationsby Dr. Rasmussen (Land Warfare Paper 122, January 2019) The Influence Machine: Automated Information Operations as a Strategic Defeat Mechanismby MAJ Christopher Telley, USA (Land Warfare Paper 121, October 2018)The North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Dubious Political Will to Defend Baltic Alliesby MAJ Zachary Morris, USA (Land Warfare Paper 120, August 2018)Army Combat Developments Command: A Way to Modernize Better and Faster than the Competitionby MAJ Hassan M.Royo (Land Warfare Paper 101, June 2014)The Resilient Defenseby Raymond A. Vandergriff (Land Warfare Paper 94, February 2013)Strategists Break all the Rulesby Adelaido Godinez (Land Warfare Paper 93, January 2013) Leader Development, Learning Agility and the Army Professionby Brian J.Millen (Land Warfare Paper 100, May 2014)The Emergence of Feral and Criminal Cities: U. Military Implications in a Time of Austerityby Robert J. Reed (Land Warfare Paper 92, October 2012)Irregular Warfare: Counterterrorism Forces in Support of Counterinsurgency Operationsby William B.Women of Color in the Military - Women of Color in the Military research papers explore the role that black women had in the wars the United States had.Women in Combat - Women in Combat research papers look into the role women have played in the military throughout human history.Hollister (Land Warfare Paper 79, October 2010)Grey Eminence: Fox Conner and the Art of Mentorshipby Edward Cox (Land Warfare Paper 78, September 2010)New NATO Member States: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Enlargementby Christine Le Jeune (Land Warfare Paper 77, September 2010)Today's Training and Education (Development) Revolution: The Future is Now! Vandergriff (Land Warfare Paper 76, April 2010) The Evolution of Noncommissioned Officers in Training Soldiersby Robert S.Rush (Land Warfare Paper 75, October 2009)Manning Reserve Component Units for Mobilization: Army and Air Force Practice Dennis P.


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