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My special thanks go to my father, my aunt, cousin and to my siblings for their moral and financial support along my education. My sincere gratitude goes to who kindly accepted to supervise me and for his enrichment advices regardless of his duties.I also desire to express and proof my sincere appreciation to the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Education in general, and especially to the teaching staff in the department of Business studies, for the huge support accorded to me during my courses.

They do this primarily by extending small loans without the strict requirements of traditional lenders.

Recipients are usually the poor and "unbanked," but they also include people who are not poor but who lack the credit standing to borrow money to start or grow a business, most of these populations includes women.

Rwanda's financial inclusion is still shallow with 11% of adults in Rwanda (around 0.7 million individuals) do not use any financial products or lacking access to formal financial services (Fin Scope Survey 2016), a large portion are covered by women compared to men.

To encourage Microfinance institutions and The «Women and Youth Access to Finance Program» have been prepared with an objective to contribute in addressing this challenge.

The data collection techniques used includes questionnaire, documentation, and interview.

The study found that all respondents agreed that after receiving the loan from VFC their income and saving culture have been increased and their management skills have been increased after acquiring the loan from VFC Ltd and carrying out their business, 62.5% confirmed that women economically-developed change gender role and status within household and community, (95.3%) agreed that most women may be economically self-sufficiency due to microcredit without the men, 79.7% of respondents confirmed that Business held by women is competitive with others, 100% agreed that Women empowerment involves the family and community development have highest the important in the family promotion, 85.9% were particularly proud of the financial contribution of the loan received to their empowerment especially in their family, increases personal income, access to basic needs, and improved welfare of households.

I'm highly grateful to the VFC ltd contributing toward the successful completion of my research project.

To Branch manager and to all staff of VFC Ltd Nyaruguru, I am tremendously appreciative of the support you gave me.

A Case Study: VISION FINANCE COMPANY Ltd NYARUGURU Branch is my original work, that has not been, to my best knowledge, submitted and presented to any university of higher learning for a similar award, and that all sources I have used and quoted have been acknowledged by complete references. Albert RUTAYISIRE Date: ....../......./2016 I, The final product of this research project is not the result of the effort of one person but a combination of participation of different persons.

First and foremost I thank the Almighty God who has been taking care of me and keeping me strong and done everything for my best.


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