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You know the mix tapes we all used to make for our friends.

So I wouldn't recommend telephone dictation systems to you if you were my friend.

The second dictation platform was the worst choice of all, analog dictation recorders.

So here is the over view the dictation transcription pipeline.

There are four main components, not three but four. Now there are a lot of digital voice recorders on the market. 97% are consumer junk recorders that will make it difficult on you and your physicians.

Let's break it down into easy to understand platforms.

The first choice in years past was the telephone or also known as phone dictation systems.That there is the difference between having a doctor love you or hate you.Below is the complete list a professional dictation recorders that have the cue and review and insert/overwrite built into them along with the slide control to rewind and record.Beginning Medical Transcription, 7th Edition In this course you get real hand on instructions and real dictation to transcribe.The second course we would recommend to you is the medical transcription course.Graduating from this college will give you a great chance of landing a career very quickly.So now you are trained and ready to get out there and round up a doctor or group of physicians and start transcribing their dictation files. How are you going to get the dictation files or analog from them, to you.Transcription Software traditionally refers to software which allows you to utilize a USB foot pedal to control a playback software, which controls play, pause, rewind and fast-forward of the recording.The technical information about the digital products in the dictation industry is enough you make you go insane, so lets go-slow(dictation basics for dummies).Not great for your independence, but it's a great pro if can develop personal relationships with the skilled doctors.Now we are talking, why would I ever mention this idea to you, it goes against everything you wanted as a medical transcriptionist, freedom work at home no rules, no man over you.


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