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But, on the other hand, it should be broad enough so that will be able to find enough credible sources to find evidence for your argument.So do a research and look for statistics, examples, and relevant facts that support your point of view.

In the body of your essay, you have to develop your story or an argument, explain something or describe your topic.

Each idea that you have written in your mind map or in the outline will be a separate section of the body of your paper.

In this case, you will enjoy doing a research to learn something new about the things that you care about and you it will be a pleasure to write about it and to share your ideas with other people.

Then, you should narrow your topic and make sure that it is not too broad and you will be able to cover all the aspects of it in your essay.

In fact, as you write about things that you really care about and that are a part of your life, you write with passion and your essay looks like a blog post or as a story for your friends. When writing your effects social media essay, you must structure your essay according to a reader’s logic.

That means that you have to present your ideas in a way that makes the most sense to your audience.At the end of your introductory paragraph, you must create a thesis statement that will tell your audience the point of your essay.It must present the main idea that you will argue in your essay.Make notes and specify your sources so that you will be able to cite them properly in your essay and avoid plagiarism.The next step in the writing process is organizing your thoughts.We cannot imagine ourselves without our social media profiles and contacts.So if you are assigned to write an essay on social media, you may think that it’s really great that at last, you’ve got an assignment that has something to do with your real everyday life and not with some weird abstract concepts that can be found in science books and journals.When writing your social media essay conclusion, you should sum up your ideas on the topic and provide a final perspective, suggesting wider implications, or future trends.In this part of your essay, you may express your own opinion and your own views based on the argument that you have developed in the main body of your essay.• Check the flow of your essay and add transition phrase where necessary to connect your ideas.• Proofread your essay and fix grammar and spelling mistakes or typos.


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