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Both standards issue a series of recommendations, for the most part indicative, certain aspects of which may be somewhat baffling to valuation experts, but which most importantly are likely to usher in significant changes in the relationship between a company and its auditors.The aim of this study is to analyse the scope of the methodology recommended by these two standards in terms of valuation, and to measure, on the basis of a field study, the implications of the imminent introduction thereof for the various actors involved (finance and accounts department within companies, auditors, market authorities, financial analysts, etc.) and their relationships with each other. Created as a result of the IASB's desire to revalue certain items on the balance sheet, without actually creating a result to be entered on the income statement, OCIs are a sort of accounting UFO.If you are interested, please contact Ahmet Ali Taskin. Evolution of Bank Business Models in Europe Ayadi et al.

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This study aims to shed more light on this relationship using local level data from Turkey.

The potential effects to be investigated are listed (but not limited to) energy consumption, firm openings/closings, building permits etc.

This dominance is now being challenged by new electronic communication networks (ECNs) such as Archepelago, POSIT or Instinet.

The first aim of this thesis would be to describe these systems.

Can one outperform the market by investing long-term in small and medium stocks, which is where market efficiency is the most reduced?

Is the risk-free rate used to determine the rate of return required by investors over the short-, medium- or long-term?You should draw up a list of the types of services that they offer and describe how exchanges on these systems are organised.The thesis could also look at the factors behind the success of ECNs, compared with the more traditional stock exchanges, especially the Nasdaq.The purpose of this study is to determine how popular operating income is today, and to identify the factors that distinguish it from EBIT. In 2008, Arcelor Mittal, the leading European steelmaker, recorded EBITDA of .5bn and only .8bn in 2009. The aim of this exercise is to analyse the measures taken by Arcelor Mittal from a financial and operational point of view before and during the 2009 crisis that enabled it to survive its EBITDA being divided by 5 and its share price by 6.Start by providing an overview of accounting treatments under IAS and US GAAP, then look at how these standards should be applied and how they are applied by companies/analysts/investors carrying out a financial analysis for the purposes of a valuation or solvency study. As the months go by, European listed companies are discovering the upheavals involved in implementing IAS/IFRS from the FY 2005.This thesis will be jointly supervised by our institute and an industry partner (Solactive).Relevant literature: a) Oflus, Kemal, Quantitative Tactical Asset Allocation Using Ensemble Machine Learning Methods (May 18, 2014), student is expected to perform the cluster analysis for different points in time, at least capturing 2003, 2007, 2009, 20. (2018) analyze the EU banks’ profitability through the recent financial cycle.This analysis aims to provide insights on how the business models of European banks have evolved prior to the global financial crisis and afterwards. This thesis is supposed to compare the profitability of the EU banks with the US banks over the financial cycle using the balance sheets and income statements of banks.The study should compare the banks using different measures such as loan quality, cost efficiency, net interest margins, and income composition (e.g., interest income vs fees and commission). Theses in the area of credit risk or banking Note that there are usually MSc topics in the area of credit risk (in particular about credit ratings) and banking available in addition to the stated thesis topics above (in case you don't have any own research idea in mind).The aim is to find out the factors associated with better profitability. In this case we will provide necessary data for your thesis.


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