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Filip Pavlovic and Marko Cmuk conducted basic research in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIo T) solutions and Augmented Reality (AR) applications in the energy sector.Upcoming technologies, such as digital substations, will change the way we build power plants and substations in the electrical grid, which is why the thesis topics have become our students research work.While operating on a powder metal market, our technology areas also includes power electronics, hardware design, green technologies as well as mechanical component design.

Asked about plans after graduation, Filip replies: “I want to stay at HELB and continue to work on this research and its further development.

Master's final projects by students of the MA in Internationa Studies on Media, Power and Difference at UPF.

There must be a minimum of 90 days between approval of the thesis topic form by the ECE Graduate Affairs Office and submission of the M. thesis to the reading committee for their approval.

thesis option students must present a "research review" to their advisor and reading committee members so that the "Request for Approval of the M. Thesis Topic" can be approved by the committee and submitted to the ECE Graduate Affairs Office for processing.

Most of the companies working in collaboration with the AWEP department are increasingly asking for aeroacoustic knowledge and sponsoring studies for several applications ranging from wind‑turbine blades, aircraft design, jet noise etc.

We have a series of Master Projects available for you in the following subjects: Together with a growing interests in aeroacoustic studies of students of the Delft University of Technology, the master projects focusing on aeroacoustics are proposed to provide students with a broader knowledge of the noise sources and their measurements in wind tunnels by both lectures and laboratory activities. numerical or experimental and you just can’t decide? Filip's thesis entitled "Secondary distribution substation monitoring system" represents the basis for future research in the field of advanced monitoring solutions in smart grids.Basic research has been made and further development will continue within the company.Students that conduct their thesis work contributes in several ways to to the research results within the STC Research Center and the industrial partners.The integration between undergraduete education and research obtain better motivated students and teachers since the close relation to state of the art research has proved to be a decisive competitive advantage for our programmes at the point that students are making their final choices for their future education.We have a team of faculty members and Ph D candidates to help master students working with state of the art flow and noise measurement techniques. During your master thesis project you will be employed by us and you will be a part of our organization.You are of course also welcome to bring to us your suggestions for a project.In that case, please contact the staff member working in that subject area. All six hours must be under a technical interest area that is outside the technical area(s) above. At least 21 hours must be at 6000 level or above; no more than 6 hours may be Special Problems; the electives may include up to 3 ECE seminar hours. At least 21 hours must be at the 6000 level or above, (including ECE 7000, M.


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