Master Thesis On Business Intelligence

Master Thesis On Business Intelligence-10
Each student is individually supervised by a designated advisor and completes a professional thesis, followed by an oral defense and company assessment.

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Then, his thesis could make recommendations for developing this necessary element of BI. He says that to get questions such as year-over-year sales comparisons and online traffic data conversions answered effectively is the “intelligence” measurement for a company. Yet another Linked In user suggested a more business-driven topic of “having a clear view of the profitable customers, products and market segments…faster than the competition provides the company a competitive advantage regardless of how small the business is.” Our take: Could a company benefit more from a social BI platform or do they need a mega deployment to succeed? 4: BPM Changes for Managers Since the Dawn of BI One BI developer recommended that Same look at the changes in business processes with the recent advances in BI and how it affects managers.

He also says, “An intelligent business operates based on informed insight.” Our take: Could Same make a case for self-service BI being the key to an intelligent business? He suggests that “business must drive the initiative.” And he says, “Some managers may have had no exposure to newer technologies and are therefore unsure how BI can help them in their business.” Our take: This would be an interesting thesis – making the technology business case for managers. Also, it wouldn’t be that hard to gather the interviews for the case study. 5: How Companies Have Implemented BI to Help Them Grow The last topic we found related to Same’s request that leaned on the business side of BI was to look at companies such as Amazon and Netflix and study how they “implemented BI to help them grow in this tough market.” The user suggested that Same study the positive and negatives of BI and how companies are using the analytics to drive customer predictions.

Data is the new oiland data analysis is now critical for companies wishing to improve their management, accelerate decision-making, and find new business models.

This Master of Science aims at training Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals who will provide decision support to managers and enable them to benefit from a transverse consolidated view of their data, not only to understand what happened in the past, but also to better anticipate the future, through an efficient collaboration between the different business areas and information systems of the company.

Our take: These use cases are just the beginning of predictive analytics.

We suggest Same look at some more B2B uses of predictive analytics and data visualization to give his thesis more weight. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .The internship can be in France, Europe or any other international destination.The internship is a great opportunity for students to conquer the business data world, obtain professional experience, acquire new skills, and develop existing skills.Students gain strong analytical skills to transform data into useful information, develop new business models and assure a better decision-making process.Students of the master programme in Business Intelligence & Analytics will execute projects to learn about the efficient (lean) and flexible (agile) way of working between Business and Information Systems.He is quite interested in the management of data or database management systems.Read on for a recap of some of the best ideas he’s received so far and our suggestions on narrowing the focus of each. 1: BI Software Capabilities and Strategic/Competitive Analysis in Real-Time One Linked In user recommended that Same show companies how they can take BI out of the “back office and tactical uses” to grow their businesses by leveraging the “power of BI and analytics to provide the strategic direction that supports sales revenue growth.” Another Linked In commenter suggested that Same study the “cross-organization collaborative culture” that must be in place to take BI to the next level.Same Ter, a graduate student at Jami’t Alep in Lebanon, needs some help determining his master thesis topic for his information systems and management degree.He posted a discussion in a few of the Linked In Business Intelligence groups.


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