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It is found that political stability has significant positive effect on growth even after controlling for key macroeconomic variables.Political stability is more important for lower income countries than higher income countries.

It is found that political stability has significant positive effect on growth even after controlling for key macroeconomic variables.Political stability is more important for lower income countries than higher income countries.

Specifically, the report looks at the appreciatory / depreciatory and volatility trends of these five exchange rates in the sample period along with their comparative levels of correlation with each other.

Based on these findings, the report considers the implications for the export competitiveness and foreign investment flows of Indonesian Rupiah as a result of the exchange rate movements.

Finally, the impact of political stability and political instability on growth is found to be equally distributed across the OIC countries with higher or lower growth level.

Therefore, the development of political and economic institutions along with human capital development is recommended for all the developing countries in general and the OIC countries in particular.

The paper will be talk about how to deal with the conflict of interest among difference organs of ABC bank according to the proposed SGF.

This essay contributes how the conflict of fatwa’s between shariah committee of ABC bank and shariah committee of the central bank is resolved.We apply relatively advanced dynamic two step system-GMM and quantile regression.Political stability is found to be a key determinant of economic growth.The importance of accumulation of capital investment for growth is reaffirmed for Muslim countries.Moreover, Asian OIC countries tend to have higher growth than African and MENA region even though the results are not statistically significant.The study finds that finance affects growth positively and human development has significant impact on growth but relationship is ambiguous.OIC countries suffer from high unemployment and inflation problem and consequently affect growth negatively.Most of the low to mid income oil dependent OIC countries suffer from chronic misery, higher inflation and persistent unemployment, which affects growth negatively.The importance of political stability, economic diversification and macroeconomic stability has been restated with the policy recommendations for oil dependent developing countries in general and OIC countries in particular.In a growing body of literature, the impact of finance and human development on growth has been emphasized but so far little empirical evidence to support this for OIC countries.In this paper an initial attempt has been made to investigate the relationship between finance, human development and economic growth in 44 OIC countries by applying dynamic Generalized Method of Moments (GMM), which overcomes the problems of OLS and other advanced static panel techniques.


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