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Before approaching potential supervisors, do some brainstorming on your own.

Think about interesting topics or readings from your coursework—what caught your attention? Look to the media, news outlets, your friends - what issues are people debating now? Think of this as a chance to do something totally new. Talk with friends and professors to see which topics are the most interesting (and could provide the starting point for a strong thesis).

Is there a course you wish that the School of Hospitality Management offered about a certain topic? Once you have decided on a topic, you are ready for the next step.

When you meet with a potential supervisor, you do not yet need to have a definitive research question.

This is something a thesis supervisor will help with.

Please read through below for more information regarding thesis checklist and deadlines.

The thesis component of the degree allows students to pursue topics of interest without the restrictions of a taught course with a specific content.You can also think about interesting articles or books you’ve read in your coursework.Finally, you can meet with the School’s honors adviser to brainstorm about who a suitable thesis supervisor might be.If you work with this center as part of your thesis work, you should plan, consistent with best practice across laboratories in the College of Health and Human Development, to choose a faculty member other than personnel from the center to be your thesis supervisor.However, it is assumed you will also work closely with personnel from the center during the completion of your thesis work.The thesis is the culmination of independent supervised research and should be approximately 15,000 words in length.The thesis provides you with an opportunity to write a substantial piece of scholarship on a topic of interest to you using the research skills and knowledge you have developed during your IR course work and field study.A research question is a specific problem or question within a given subject area that can be addressed within the approximate 1.5 year time frame given over to the thesis A research question is typically tested with empirical data.Students must complete a Master’s thesis paper in conjunction with the 2-credit Master’s Thesis Seminar course (INTRL-GA 4000).There are two key choices you must make when you embark on your thesis: choosing a topic and choosing a supervisor.A research topic can be very broad - you have not yet developed a specific research question but instead have an expansive area of interest[1].


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