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These are listed below: The final layer of the research onion looks at data collection and analysis.As a researcher, you need to pen down decisions related to sample groups, questionnaire content, interview questions, ethics and what not in this particular section.Generally speaking, a deductive approach is often associated with quantitative research whereas an inductive approach is often linked to qualitative research.

It basically answers the questions beginning with ‘how’ and ‘what’.

Perception, sensation, intuition, reason and even faith are considered as means to knowledge as per Epistemology.

The thesis can be written in English or French, the language having been chosen in agreement with the supervisor of the thesis.

The thesis is the product of individual research and allows students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of a specific topic.

Let us briefly understand what epistemology and ontology mean and consist of.

Epistemology – This branch of philosophy is concerned with the question of what is (or should be) regarded as acceptable knowledge in a discipline and how we can obtain it.

Lecturers would be more than happy to assist you further.

All students are required to produce a thesis on a topic falling within the scope of their study programme.

In order to get further insight into Ontology, let us take a look at objectivism, constructivism and pragmatism that constitute it: This happens to be the second layer of the research onion and demonstrates the approaches that a researcher could resort to when conducting research of any kind.

A research approach could be either deductive or inductive, and its selection would often depend on the previously-made choices, research aims, limitations and personal opinions.


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