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Typically, a relatively extensive technical solution is developed in a master’s thesis.

, which is aimed at obtaining and applying new knowledge in the field of both fundamental and applied scientific research; its result is a solution of the specific theoretical problem.

As a rule, it includes a review and scientific assessment of previous works on similar topics, a detailed description of mathematical or other model and algorithms, theoretical assessment of the complexity of main algorithms for solving a problem, experimental verification of the model's adequacy (correctness, completeness, accuracy, etc.), experimental (empirical) analysis of the computational complexity of proposed solutions, their software implementation, etc., or aimed at solvingspecific applied problem.

In addition, the master's thesis trains the student in technical and scientific documentation.

Figure 1 below presents the general thesis process, with emphasis on the administrative issues and supervision.

Either the departments on-line theses and reports library OR the White Rose e Theses online repository will hold final versions of submitted Ph D theses.

Master's thesis plays a significant part in the master's studies.

Each tab is devoted to particular types of resources or tools. Training sessions in Trinity Term 2019: Finding research information for DPhil students and research staff Tuesday 14th May, 2 - 3pm, RSL Training Room Choosing your reference management software Thursday 30th May, 2 - 3pm, RSL Training Room Please email Consultation service for all Computer Science students and research staff Please contact Alessandra at [email protected] you would like to arrange a bespoke session tailored to your needs.

Sessions are for individuals or small research groups and can be held at the RSL or at the Computer Science Department.

In either form it is considered as a Pre-defense is an important part of your work; it stipulates a preparation of the report that covers the work completed by the time of its presentation and detailed explanation of the plan of the closing stage of the Thesis-related activity.

You should prepare a presentation that follows the template shown Link to Presentation dates: April 16,17 and 19.


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