Mass Effect Assignment

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Removed window covering in port and starboard cargo holds so you can observe the main cargo deck.

N7 soldiers - post pickup N7 Extractions assignment Geth Primes - once recovered during Geth Fighter Squadrons Aralakh Company - once recovered during Rachni mission Shadow Broker Wet Team - includes the giant salarian Tazzik from the comics - once recovered.

If you did not do the loyalty missions of a few followers and they die on the suicide mission, then you will not be able to finish their quests afterwards.

If you somehow ran out of money and can't buy fuel, you won't be able to visit sectors not containing a mass relay.

Other than that, after the suicide mission you will be placed back in your ship and have the chance to explore and do whatever you want.

Some DLCs, such as the Shadowbroker, actually makes more sense to complete after the suicide mission since the dialog is geared towards that.

Specialist Traynor will make occasional comments if a system has assets in it. Notes per cluster: Widow - Bekenstein restored, Alliance 5th Fleet depot, Refugee fleets, fuel depot restored to widow. Zoyra Industrial support available if Blue Suns have been recruited and the plant was saved in ME2.

- Salarian Research station is available as part of the Ismar Frontier Components mission.

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