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Mary, queen of Scots was one of the most fascinating and controversial monarchs of 16th century Europe.At one time, she claimed the crowns of four nations – Scotland, France, England and Ireland.

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She fled to England in 1568, hoping for the help of her cousin, Elizabeth I.Mary was also educated in the traditional manner of French princesses; she spoke French and learned Latin, Italian, Spanish and a little Greek.She learned to dance, sing, play the lute as well as converse on religious matters.Mary Seton was the only one to die unmarried and lived on until 1615, praying for Mary’s soul and giving alms in her memory. Mary was given a royal welcome in France by King Henry II.He ordered that she would have precedence over his own daughters as she was sovereign of an independent country and also because she was to wed his heir, the Dauphin.Mary’s father, James V, believed this lineage had ended with his daughter’s birth.He certainly never contemplated that his grandson would one day rule both Scotland and its old enemy, England.James died within a week of Mary’s birth and, before she was even a year old, the child was crowned queen of Scots.The regents of Scotland made a treaty with Henry VIII in which Edward, Henry’s long-awaited and precious son, would wed Mary.According to most contemporary reports, Mary was exceptionally lovely (even in an age when most noble women were accorded the title of ‘fair’ or ‘beautiful’), intelligent and full of vitality.One French observer wrote admiringly: ‘It is not possible to hope for more from a Princess on this earth.’ From this vantage point, Mary’s life seemed to be set on a glorious course; but like a later foreign queen of France, Marie Antoinette, Mary’s life was not destined to be peaceful and happy.


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