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Individuals may also be labelled as ‘deviant’, simply because they might be involved in political acts that challenge the social order.Marxists believe that laws cannot be ‘neutral ‘, because they are made by the powerful to maintain their own privileged positions.They believe that in a capitalist society, a small group of wealthy people (the bourgeoisie), own the means of production, such as; factories, businesses, land, etc and that they exploit the working class people (the proletariat), so that they can enjoy a huge profit and personal gain, either legally or illegally.

Individuals may also be labelled as ‘deviant’, simply because they might be involved in political acts that challenge the social order.

Crime is inevitable because capitalism by its very nature it causes crime.

It is based on the exploitation of the working class and this may give rise to crime.

Marxists therefore argue that capitalism is crimogenic – it is the single over-riding cause of all crime and deviancy in society due to poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunity.

A poor underclass is formed who have to rely on crime to exist.

The police used violence, under orders from their superiors, who in turn had the tacit approval of their political masters.

This scenario can also be applied, under Marxist theories, to any other so called deviant groups perceived by the authorities, or government, to be a threat, for example, black young male gangs, inner city groups, ‘new age’ travellers , immigrants, student protesters, and so on.

Video by Mr Cline Psy Neo-Marxists are sociologists who have been influenced by Marxism, but recognise that there are problems with traditional Marxist explanations of crime and deviance.

They also seek to combine Marxism with other approaches such as interactionist approaches as they believe that traditional Marxism relies to heavily on the belief that Laws and Law enforcement is a tool of the Ruling Class to suppress the Working Class.

For example poverty may mean that crime is the only way the working class can survive.

Crime may be the only way the working class can obtain the consumer goods they are encouraged by advertising to buy, resulting in utilitarian crimes such as theft.


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