Marriage Definition Essay

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Homosexuals cannot ever “change” their sexuality, it is not a choice they can make.

One does not become homosexual, one is born homosexual.

There is no reason why two people cannot get married because of their sexuality.

If a man and woman get to marry because they love each other, why shouldn’t homosexuals, who are in love as well as heterosexual people, get married?

In conclusion, nobody should have the right to determine what is considered to be right or wrong.

Marriage makes a couple officially together; it does not affect anybody but them.Every individual person should have equal rights, regardless of sexuality.Gay marriage should be legalized in all states and countries, as it has been held off for too long.However, people may argue that there are other ways for same-sex couples to be legally tied together without getting married.One option would be by going through a civil union, although it is true that civil unions and marriages are totally different things.People against gay marriage feel that if it was to be legalized, the importance of marriage would fade away and some people would refer to marriage in a different way.According to an article from the Human Rights Campaign, there is nothing wrong with allowing homosexuals to have the same rights as those who are heterosexual.Ways have already begun to be altered amongst some countries and states, now it is time for the rest to follow and do the same.Furthermore, another reason why same-sex couples should be allowed the right to marry is so they can have a chance to be happy like any other couple.Apart from this, homosexual couples still wouldn’t have the freedom they want or the choice to go where they want to have a civil union.Many states are changing or have already changed their laws, therefore why can’t every country of the planet accept and legalize gay marriages?


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