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Email leads still have one of the highest conversion rates of all sources.Related Posts: Google My Business is a particularly useful tool for local businesses with a local customer base.Despite the fact they had a fantastic product to sell, at the time a pod-based coffee machine was still a very novel idea, so they made an effort to demonstrate their Keurig Brewing System in stores and other high-visibility locations.

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Related Posts: If you want to build awareness of your product, you need to let people try it.

A great example of this is when Keurig wanted to move from making coffee machines for the office to producing machines designed for home use.

This is such a simple error to avoid so don’t make this basic mistake.

Related Posts: One of the most important ways of directing web traffic to your site is through Google searches.

Before you choose which elements to integrate into your overall marketing strategy, you need to think carefully about your target customers. Related posts: If there’s one thing that will put people off your company, it’s having a poorly designed website.

Think about it, you’ve done the hard part getting that click and bringing the customer to your site – and they find the site to be user-unfriendly, hard to navigate or not logically laid out.

When people in the local area search on Google for the product or service you provide, this is a great way to have your business appear near the top of that search.

When potential customers see your profile and accompanying good reviews at or near the top of the list, your business automatically gains credibility and people will be more willing to trust you.

When you have your logo, make sure you put it on everything, advertising, business cards, envelopes, email signature and so on to build brand awareness and visibility. Being clear about details such as these will allow you to develop a targeted and more effective overall strategy that focuses on the channels most likely to produce results for you.

You should also go beyond just “rubber stamping” your logo everywhere – your brand should be memorable even if the logo is removed. Related Posts: Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to target a specific group.


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