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The two songstresses have given a series of classics and hits in careers spanning over two decades for each of them and one might wonder; exactly how does their careers in music compare?To start off, while the theme or content of Carey’s music is mainly centered on love, Jackson is the Mother Teresa of the entertainment scene covering topics on self-actualization and feminist and political bearing.Away from their vocal cords Mariah is less adventurous towards other areas of entertainment albeit being versatile in terms of genre exploration. Women have been labeled as “talking too much” while men have been seen or viewed as potential or good listeners.

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The evidential issues that are involved in the case: 1.Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson: A Comparison of Two Singers Few people and critics may dispute the view that Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson are perhaps two of the greatest female musicians to have ever graced the music scene, yet the extent to which the two contrast each other is amazing with greatness being the only table they share.It is thus in order to compare the two living legends highlighting the differences that have made them that similar in terms of success.His efforts were based on the view that such actions can...the leader......Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the seventh head of state of America, and his appointment was the first outside of Virginia (Wilson, Dilulio and Bose 367).Finally, the two songbirds have had similar career paths characterized by peaks and dominance, recession and the astounding and successful comebacks. Across the world, women have been believed to talk too much even in situations that do not require communication.In view of the developed ideology, Holmes evaluates and conducts analysis on the issues and gives a clearer view of the problem than initially presented (Holmes). Musician: Mariah Carey Two reasons why musician is so playable: vocal range, mixture of music genera.The definition clearly states that all hearsay is included despite its status of being statement made otherwise oral evidence. Pictures of Yellow Toyota Cars with Mark – this piece of evidence is included, and with respect to other cases, for example Barry George Case. The Jackson Administration The administration of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the US is known for differentpolicies that he put into action.Being trained as a member of the military force who led Florida as a military governor in 1821, his views can be considered to reflect in such policies.She addresses the diverse situations and the contribution of women... Mariah Carey is a well-known POP star since the nineties who has a unique vocal range and create unique musical combinations by mixing music genera.Mariah Carey has a unique vocal range, which became her trademark.


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