Macbeth Research Essay

Macbeth Research Essay-79
Critics’ Comments -- a one-page set of exerpts; could be used to introduce the ply.

Responding to Critics requires students to analyze six literary criticism statements about the play. Handout can be used as an final exam for the play, or to train students to apply AP style prompts to a familiar title.

Character Essay and Plan Page — Macbeth or Lady Macbeth.

A favorite page is an analysis of the Biblical allusions in as performances in “Imaginative Departures with Two Shakesperean Plays.” Workshop handouts from the authors. Course Hero (28 pages) includes a study guide and an infographic, particularly good at quotation and scene analysis. The Folger Shakespeare Library has offered teachers units twice, each slightly different. Gale Shakespeare for Students has an extensive analytical guide (64 pages). Hofstra University Guide (21 pages) includes three pages of critical exerpts and an overview of the play’s controversial performance history.

Applied Practice has a set of 10 passages with AP style multiple-choice questions and excellent answer explanations. Latitudes (60 pages) offers creative enrichment activities.

Highland School’s Study Questions are 85 questions that check recall and comprehension for the whole play.

Analyze this Times article about the Scottish Parliament’s efforts to clear Macbeth’s name.

Movie Trailer Project requires students to actually produce a movie trailer for a film version of Macbeth. Since I provide the research, I can more easily teach proper use of integrating quotes for evidence and protect against plagiarism.

Background and context essays could also be part of the packet.

Envelope Activity includes fourteen close reading topics to focus student note-taking and discussion (developed by Marcie Belgard).

Allows multiple ways to organize students in to groups as well.


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